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Our June gloom continues into September as summer ends and everyone is wondering what happened to our summer weather?  The ocean water temperatures remain unseasonably cold, in the low 60s, that is keeping the fish in more southern waters.  However, the clouds should decrease this weekend and the afternoons should allow some sunshine to reach the bay.

Looking out into the Pacific, I am predicting 2- maybe 3-foot swells from the west, with double-digit intervals.  Great for whale watching or going for an afternoon sail outside the harbor.  The westerly winds will blow about 10 knots in the afternoon creating small wind waves.

Hopefully, the air temperatures along the coast will reach into the low 70s, but plan on high 60s on the water.  Jackets will be the call of the day for those who venture out on the water, especially for sailors who will be tacking into the breeze.

There are currently no hurricanes in the Pacific, but some activity continues in the Atlantic and the Gulf.  We did see some weather from tropical depression Hermine with our clouds this week, as Hermine makes it way over Texas.

As always, with an eye to the north, boaters will see that Point Conception is foggy with 5-foot northwest swells, hence the small swells off our coast.  Remember, we watch Point Conception to see the size of the swells that are coming downhill and rounding the point to the San Pedro channel.

I hope everyone enjoys the Holiday weekend with our pleasant, cool weather and good boating conditions in Newport Harbor or in the ocean.


Safe Voyages,

Mike Whitehead, Capt.

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