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(Re: “City Eyes Moving Police Station,” NBI, 3/4:)

Moving the police headquarters closer to the site of most trouble calls may be helpful but watch out for financial risk in the parallel proposal to contract with Costa Mesa to provide policing services.

Personnel costs are nearly 60% of Newport Beach’s budget and the unfunded pension and OPEB liability is growing to obscene, unsustainable levels, particularly in the face of the $135 million plus new bond debt incurrred to pay to construct the City’s Taj Mahal. The last thing we should do is create a police empire to go with it.

Costa Mesa cannot afford its own police and firefighters now, partly because its demographic changes are driving up the cost of police services while reducing revenue. It can no more afford to cover all of the cost Newport Beach would incur for additional police personnel to service the contact (read pensions, overtime and OPEB) than it can for itself.

The Sheriff is in a better position to service Costa Mesa. We should shrink our police budget, not grow it.

The Little Hoover Commission is correct, “pensions will crush California.”

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(Re: “Taking the Lead,” NBI, 3/4:)

Thanks for the wonderful article!

One small correction, it should read: “The conference is open to students between Grades 9 through 12 from public, private and alternative school settings. Students will receive one hour of service learning credit for attending.”

Thanks for sharing the news about our event!

Teachers, students and parents can join us on facebook:

Tanya Stephens

Editor’s note: The story was corrected on the website this week. We apologize for the error.

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