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We should have mild, pleasant weather for this extended weekend with highs in the low 70s, as finally we will be getting out of the 60s as summer comes to an end and kids return to the classrooms.  Yet, I am seeing the 60 degree air temperatures returning along the coast the first part of next week.  You will see much warmer air temperatures inland, but the unseasonably cold Pacific Ocean will keep the coastline chilly.

You can expect morning fog and the morning marine layer that will mostly burn off by the afternoons.  Winds will be light from the southwest clocking to the west, and blowing under 10 knots for those planning to jump on a sailboat.  Saturday and Sunday, you will have the low tides about 2 feet at 12:28 pm and 1:22 pm respectively after a slow outbound current from the approximately 4-foot high tide both mornings.

I am predicting that the swells off our coast will be nonexistent – it will be like a bath tub in San Pedro Channel this weekend.  The 1- to 2-foot wind waves will be bigger than the swells, so it’s a great weekend to go whale watching.  This time of year, I would usually say great time to go fishing, but the cold water is keeping the fish south of the border or far out to sea.  San Nichols Island buoy is reporting 59 degree water temperature, and the Dana Point buoy is reading 67 degrees at the surface – brr!

Moderate winds are predicted for the weekend, beginning from the south or southeast in the mornings and becoming westerly in the afternoons.  The breezes will jump to 8 to 14 knots as the high pressure relaxes over our area.

As always, with an eye to the north, boaters off Point Conception will see a northwest swell between 4 to 6 feet that could build to 7 feet.  The northwest 20 knot winds will kick up 2- to 3-foot wind waves..

I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful, cool weekend and watch the swell condition in the ocean.


Safe Voyages,

Mike Whitehead, Capt.

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