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Enjoy the Many Benefits of IV Hydration


What is IV Hydration?
IV Hydration is when vitamins, minerals and fluids are injected directly into the bloodstream. Each person is different, so the fluid solutions may be different depending on needs. It helps to bypass the gastrointestinal tract and obtain 100% absorption—a faster more efficient way to hydrate.

What are the benefits?
The benefits include increased energy, enhanced immune system, stress relief and counter anxiety, and ultimately act as a preventive aging measure. IV therapy delivers medications and vitamins directly to the cells that need them, which helps to improve and impact a wide variety of body functions.

How long is the process?
IV hydration therapy is different for each person. Depending on the specific infusion treatment sessions usually last from 30 to 60 minutes.

How long does it take to feel the effects?
This also differs in each person. With the vitamins and minerals going directly to your bloodstream, the effect is usually immediate or within 2-4 hours.

Is IV Hydration safe?
Yes, IV therapy is very safe. All IV drips are administered by a registered nurse and with guidance from our medical director. All our vitamins are FDAapproved and go through high levels of testing before they’re made available to our clients. Before any client receives IV therapy, we evaluate their health history.

Flush IV Hydration is happy to bring IV Hydration to your community. With our team of experts alongside our phenomenal medical director. We offer a variety of vitamins and minerals for your every need. It is for individuals who are looking for instant relief from dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, fatigue, dry mouth and a multitude of other symptoms.

You can enjoy IV hydration in the convenience of our office located directly off the peninsula. It is a life-changing experience that will bring balance. IV hydration therapy treatments restore your hydration and energy level. The therapy treatments usually take about 30-60 minutes to administer. Our goal is to keep you on the move feeling revitalized. Know first what you need, and we will take care of the rest.

First time customers receive 15% off and a free B-12 shot.
1-833-FLUSH-IV (358-7448)
3333 W. Coast Hwy., Ste. 200
Newport Beach, CA 92663


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