Child Passenger Safety Week

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Last week was Child Passenger Safety week, but it’s never too late to follow the tips from the Newport Beach Police Department to keep your little ones safe and secure.

Here are four tips around child car seat safety:

  • Find the right seat: When buying a car seat, a child’s age, weight, and height should all be taken into account to ensure the safety harness fits properly.
  • Install the car seat properly: Installing a car seat should be done correctly for it to be effective. Newport Beach residents may schedule an individual appointment to get their car seat inspected. To learn more about the Newport Beach Police Department car seat program, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Officer Hamilton at [email protected].
  • Beware of car seat hazards: Many toddlers resist the car seat. They’ll try to wiggle or slide out of their seat or push the seat belt over their head. This distracts you as the driver and places your child in danger. A distracted driver is more likely to cause a crash and a child who is not secure in their car seat can be seriously injured or killed.
  • Set the right example by buckling up yourself: Children like to copy their parents’ behavior. If you have a child who objects to being strapped in, showing them that mommy and daddy also buckle up can help persuade them.
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