Christmas Eve on the Water

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Ah, Christmas is here, and this year’s 102th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade was spectacular, and my Captain’s hat is tipped to the hundreds of boat owners who did a fantastic job of decorating their boats ranging in size from 11 feet to more than 100 feet in length.

Mother Nature was not cooperating with King Neptune as this wet stuff was falling from the sky on the weekend during the parade, but I still was able to announce most of the nights at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum in the Fun Zone to visitors from near and a far.

The national live radio show broadcast on Thursday went well, with clear weather and the broadwalk full of spectators.  Craig Carpenter was my co-host and special guests were Ray Tsuneyoshi, who is the former California’s Boating and Waterways director and now the national program director for the United States Power Squadron, plus Rita Redaelli Stenlund, acting Executive Director of the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum.

And yes, I will be broadcasting my radio show live on Christmas Day as the show must go on.

Tip of the week is my annual Christmas poem, as I weigh anchor for Christmas:


Twas the Day Before Christmas Upon Newport Harbor

‘Twas the day before Christmas, And all through the Harbor

You could see a few boats sailing on the water

And sea lions were hauled out on Harbor’s entrance buoy

With the bell clanging with each passing swell.

The fish were happy as no hooks were around

And the sea birds were eating, being fed by a shore crowd.

When all of sudden there arose such a clatter

The mermaids swam up to see what was the matter.

The sea lions dove into the water and the boats sailed away from all the splatter.

When shore crowd looked out to see such a sight

but the birds just continued eating their supper.

All of a sudden but what should appear

the King of the Sea bringing his own Christmas cheer.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,

As King Neptune held up his scepter for all to see,

And out of the scepter came a lightening bolt so grand

it made a loud bang when it hit the land

And to everyone’s amazement as you looked around

Disappearing were all the storm drains that drained into his sea from the land.

His gift for Christmas was no more pollution into the water

But I heard him exclaim, when he swam out of sight

What starts at the drain, feeds the harbor when it rains

And Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe voyage.


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Until next week, Safe Voyages!


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