Featured Business: Newport Beach MOKE

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Come Experience Fun in the Sun

Newport Beach MOKE is excited to be able to bring the largest Moke rental fleet to southern California right here in Newport Beach.

Mokes are classified as an electric LSV (Low-Speed Vehicle). These Mokes are street legal with a top speed of 25 mph and a driving distance of 40 miles with each charge.

Our fleet of Mokes provide a new and fun way to see everything Newport Beach has to offer. From taking the Balboa Island Ferry to Balboa Island to cruising through Lido Marina Village to stopping off at the fun zone for a Ferris wheel ride, get there in style and enjoy the fresh air. We offer hourly, half day and daily rentals. As an extra amenity for vacation renters, we also offer weekly and monthly rental options. Additionally, we cater to private and corporate events, weddings, destination events and more.

Moke History

Did you know that the Mini Moke was originally meant to be used by the British army?


The name comes from “Mini,” the car with which the Moke shares many parts, and “Moke,” an archaic dialect term for donkey. The Mini Moke was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis for the British Motor Company (BMC). However, it proved to be impractical for the army due to its low clearance. Instead, the Mini Moke achieved success as a civilian car, most notably as a beach buggy in places like Australia, Hawaii and the Caribbean. It became popular with surfers and celebrities.

For commercial consumption, the first Mokes were produced in 1964 in England. A total of 14,518 Mokes were produced in the UK between 1964 and 1968, 26,000 were produced in Australia between 1966 and 1981, and 10,000 units in Portugal between 1980 and 1993 when production of the Moke ended. In 2017, Moke America brought the Mini Moke back and made it electric! Today, we are proud to continue the Mini Moke’s heritage 50 years later.

Moke remains as a symbol of fun in the sun,
a sensory experience of sound, sight
and open air.

Newport Beach MOKE
2727 Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, CA 92663
(Located in the Jacks Surf Center)

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