Firefighters Go Through Wildland Fire Training

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Read the story about the Wildland Fire Refresher Course event here.

— Photos by Sara Hall

Laguna Beach Fire Department Division Chief Dan Stefano speaks to a group of local firefighters about operating a fire shelter.


(left to right) NBFD firefighters Erin Brown, Adam Schwegman and Capt. Richard Zaccaro listen to instructions and wait for their turn to practice using the fire shelters.


NBFD Capt. Richard Zaccaro scrapes at the ground, trying to clear an area of any fuel for the fire, before he covers himself with the fire shelter.


NBFD Capt. Richard Zaccaro gets into his protective fire shelter while checking to make sure the firefighters on his crew are safely covered. Laguna Beach Division Chief Dan Stefano watches the group in the background.



Local firefighters watch as Newport Beach firefighter Justin Dean pulls the hose and soaks the ground during a wildland fire training exercise on Tuesday.



Newport Beach firefighter Justin Dean waters the ground as he walks during the hose exercise on Tuesday.


NBFD engineer Terry Teale (right) and retired NBFD Capt. Jerry Strom fought the 1993 Laguna Beach fire that caused over 350 homes, damaged over 500 more homes, burned over 16,000 acres of brush land and caused $528 million in damage.


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