Happy New Year for Dummies

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In 2011 our favorite dummies will celebrate their 20th anniversary.

It was in 1991 that the first “For Dummies” book hit the shelves. It was called “DOS for Dummies” written by Dan Gookin.  The book was published in a pre-windows world and designed to help the average person use a PC.

From there one of the most successful literary franchises in history was born.  Now just about everyone recognizes the signature yellow and black cover. With nearly 2,000 titles to choose from, anybody can learn about almost anything, it seems.

Topics have a huge range: “Art History For Dummies,” “Adobe Photoshop for Dummies,” “Acne for Dummies,” “Anger Management for Dummies.”  (And those are just some of the A’s).

In reality, the books are not written for a dumb audience.  The subtitle “A Reference Guide for the Rest of Us” more accurately describes the typical reader of these books.

In 2011, most of the For Dummies books that will be released will be tech-related.  This is the year you can finally resolve to become technologically astute.

Keep your eye out for the following titles, listed here with their scheduled dates of publication:






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