Home Vacation Checks by the Newport Beach Police Department

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The Newport Beach Police Department offers Vacation Checks as a free service to residents of Newport Beach.

During your absence, as time permits, NBPD volunteers will come to your home and perform a perimeter check of all doors and windows. To request this service, you may call (949) 644-3717 or fill submit an online request by filling out the form at https://www.nbpd.org/what-we-do/services/vacation-check-request.

Vacation Checks are meant to be conducted on empty, secured homes; they should not be requested if your home will not be locked while you are gone, or if people will be staying in your home while you are away.  A Vacation Check cannot exceed 30 days and cannot be performed for a business, apartment, vacant home, or a home listed for sale.

After you return, you will receive a follow-up call from a volunteer to let you know the status of the checks your home received while you were gone.  If you return home earlier than expected, please be sure to call the NBPD at (949) 644-3717 and let them know.

Information the NBPD needs to know before they add you to their list of Vacation Checks:

  • Contact Information (name, address, phone, dates on vacation, etc.)
  • Emergency Contact
  • Do you have an alarm on residence? If so, who or what company can be notified in case alarm is activated?
  • Any lights left on or set with timers?
  • Key left with someone?
  • Any vehicles left at the residence? If so, list them.
  • Are there any animals that will be left at the residence?
  • Will anyone be on premises? If so, who?
  • Newspaper delivery stopped?
  • Mail delivery stopped?
  • Any additional information?
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