Insider’s Guide for the Newport Beach City Council Meeting on August 25, 2020

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City Manager Grace Leung

By Newport Beach City Manager Grace Leung

Our next City Council meeting is Tuesday, August 25. Items that may be of interest are highlighted below. The entire agenda, and all reports, can be viewed at

The Study Session starts at 4 p.m.

  • The City Council will receive an update on proposed improvements to West Coast Highway and Superior Avenue which includes widening of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and pedestrian bridges across both Superior Avenue and PCH. This project received a $1.2 million dollar grant from OCTA. Staff is requesting modifications to the original conceptual design on Superior to integrate and coordinate with the bridge structure crossing PCH. This item is also on the regular City Council agenda for additional funding and approval of the new conceptual design.
  • The City’s current parking meters are becoming outdated, and many are inoperable. Staff will present options to the City Council on the replacement of these meters as we continue on the long-term plan to move to a citywide mobile payment application system for parking.

The Regular Meeting will follow at 6 p.m. and the following are items of note:

On the Consent Calendar:

  • The City will consider accepting the recently completed street improvements on Bison Avenue, San Joaquin Hills Road and San Nicolas Drive as part of the City’s on-going street maintenance program.
  • Construction contracts for two very long-awaited Underground Utility Projects are up for consideration, Assessment District 111 between 31st and 23rd Streets on the east and west side of Balboa Boulevard and Assessment District 22 Phase 2 from 36th to 23rd Street. These projects are funded through property assessments and the utility companies and therefore do not impact the City’s General Fund.

Public Hearings:

  • New non-exclusive commercial solid waste franchises for fifteen entities will be considered. New franchise agreements are required to accommodate and enforce new state laws related to recycling.
  • City Council will consider an amendment to the Zoning Code to allow Wine Tasting Rooms within the City’s Industrial Zoning District, located in the west Newport-Mesa side of town.




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