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A Specialized Approach to Your Custom Home Remodel

Julie Laughton

Julie Laughton has been making remodel dreams come true for over two decades on the Balboa Peninsula and in Corona Del Mar. Her attention to detail results in a seamless process for the client from conception to completion. Having the ability to see the end result before she even starts, gives Julie the unique opportunity to specialize and customize your home remodeling project so it meets your needs. When a remodel is done right the first time, it will make every day living easier.

Tell us about your specialized approach to a home remodel.

I start with interviewing the client to find out what their specific needs are. By finding out the homeowner’s daily needs and how they are not functioning in their space, I can specialize and customize the remodel to match their current lifestyle.

What is the first step in the process to getting a remodel done right the first time? My motto is: It all starts with a good plan. Without plans, you have no project. I am a designer with an architecture and engineering background. I can draw the designs on the spot right in front of the client. Once the plans are drawn to scale, they are put onto the computer and all the construction documents are applied. This process gives the client and my team the ability to visualize all aspects of the project upfront so nothing is missed.

How does being a one-stop shop Design Build service help the homeowner?
Since I am both the designer and general contractor, the client only has to deal with one person throughout the entire process. I am their point of contact, so I can personally guide them step-by-step creating a stress-free experience.

After the design and construction is complete, how do you further personalize the home for the client?
I am also an interior designer and can offer complete interior design services. This includes the layout of all furniture, artwork, and accessories. Once you have taken the time to construct your home to have it function better, you also want it to look good and be comfortable for your lifestyle.

JLGC License #903819

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