Multicultural Fair at Sage Hill

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Sage Hill School celebrated the 10th Annual Multicultural Fair on Saturday with food, music, dancing and fun.

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—Photos by Sara Hall


Shaan Gareeb (middle), a sophomore at Sage, and Faizan Motiwala (left), helped pass out food and drink at the Pakistan booth.
A woman invites fair-goers to some Persian tea.


Sage Hill vocalist Itzel Guerrero smiles at the crowd in between songs.
A woman hands a young girl her food at the Jewish Deli booth at the Multicultural Fair at Sage Hill.
One of the Sage Hill Persian Dancers smiles at the crowd while performing.
Mother and daughter, Rachel and Miran Min, shop at the ethnic bazaar at the Multicultural Fair on Saturday.
Shila Patel talks with a customer at the taste of India food booth.
Samira Ali works the crowd in front of her family's food booth for Italy.
The crowd listens to a West African Drumming Circle at Sage Hill.
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