NB Film Fest: Foreign Films Offer Universal Stories

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By Cole Cronk | Special to the NB Indy

The Newport Beach Film Festival has always had a wide range of films from all around the world, including the short subject category. There are several collections available with foreign shorts that remind us that although we may not speak the same language, we can still understand each other’s stories.

“Hunger” is a clever Indian film that will make you wish you had a snack to enjoy while watching. The protagonist, a homeless man, watches everyone around him eat and eat and eat while he is left with very little. However, this does not stop him from sharing with a young boy who is looking for his next meal as well. The pair’s journey plays out to a beautiful soundtrack and fun song that pushes the theme of the piece to a deeper level.


Although the Japanese short “Selfish” is very short, it delivers a powerful message. The animation is very satisfying as a sushi chef prepares a meal of plastic for customers that turn out to be animals. There are some staggering statistics at the end of the piece that are important to think about.

“A Dieu le Père”

“A Dieu le Père” (In the Name of a Father) is a French film about a young man who is trying to figure out how God will be a part of his life. He plans on becoming a priest, but when an old friend returns, he is conflicted in figuring out what kind of Father he is meant to be. Julien Frison’s emotional performance is gripping as the man struggles to understand what path he is meant to take.

“Hunger” and “Selfish” are in the Rebel Shorts collection, and “A Dieu le Père” is in the Life’s Short Connections collection. They are both part of the 2020 Newport Beach Film Festival, which has gone virtual this year and runs through October 11. For information on viewing these shorts collections and other films in the festival, visit www.NewportBeachFilmFest.com.  

“A Dieu le Père”


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