Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce CEO on Reduced COVID Restrictions

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Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Steve Rosansky

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce President and CEO announced via a video sent to Chamber members and other businesses and community members that Orange County, and Newport Beach, had moved into the Red tier under the state’s new Blueprint for a Safer Economy, and many businesses were now allowed to reopen with limited indoor capacity.

“Tired of eating and praying in parking lots? If you are, there’s good news,” said Rosansky. “Orange county has officially entered the Red level under Governor Newsom’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. What does this mean? Restaurants that have only been able to serve outdoors can once again reopen their dining rooms, and places of worship can move back indoors.”

However, cautioned Rosansky, “those parking lot canopies may not come down soon because restaurants and places of worship are limited to 25 percent occupancy or 100 persons, whichever is less.”

Rosansky noted that “people that have been waiting for fitness centers and gyms to reopen indoors may also be getting an email telling them to come back; however these types of uses are even more restricted at only 10 percent occupancy.”

He also added that people can now make appointments to “get your nails done, body wax, a facial, or a piercing, as these businesses are allowed to open to the public once again.”

Another delayed benefit, said Rosansky, is that “the two-week clock will start ticking to reopen schools for in-person learning. Some K through 6th grade schools have already received waivers , but this will allow middle and high schools to reopen as well.”

Unfortunately, noted Rosansky, “bars and breweries will have to remain closed until we move into the next lower Orange level. This may take a while, as we have to remain at the red level for a minimum of three weeks, and we will have to reduce our coronavirus indicators even further.”

For a complete review of the reopening parameters under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, visit the website

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