Newport Beach COVID-19 Parking and Citation Update

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On the City of Newport Beach website, the City has posted a notice it is taking steps to help reduce the impacts of parking restrictions on residents as part of the City’s COVID-19 response, including suspending tickets for street sweeping.

As of Monday, March 30:

  • The City has temporarily suspended all ticketing for street sweeping.
  • The City is not enforcing time limits in restricted parking areas (for example, 2-hour zones).
  • With the beach parking lots closed, the City is allowing anyone with a City Parking Permit (Master, Annual (Blue Pole) and Overnight Parking) to park in any legal space without feeding a meter and pay station.
  • Residents with an overnight parking permit can park in the B Street Lot at any time.

However, the City will continue to issue tickets for violations that impact public safety and/or circulation, including:

  • Tickets will be issued for standard parking violations such as double parking, parking at a red curb, or violating time limits at yellow and green curbs. This is critical for emergency response and to maintain circulation for essential business services.
  • Citations will be issued for blocking alleys and other traffic entrances.
  • To maintain circulation in impacted areas, those parking in metered spots without a parking pass are expected to pay.
  • The City’s intent is not to issue parking citations, but to encourage compliance in a manner that protects public safety and allows access for critical deliveries and other essential services during the COVID-19 response.

To pay or appeal a parking citation visit

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