Every Night Is ‘Ladies’ Night at NTAC This Month

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From left, Andrea LaVela (Ellen), Judy Jones (Leonora) and Carrie Theodossin (Lucy) in “Ladies in Retirement” at Newport Theatre Arts Center. Photo by Ron Yee

Newport Theatre Arts Center is back on the boards, with a new show opening tonight – “Ladies in Retirement” – that will run through April 29.

Co-produced by Susan Lewis and Michelle Bendetti, and directed by Terri Miller-Schmidt, the play revolves around four “ladies of a certain age.”

Miss Fiske, an ex-actress, and her companion, Ellen Creed, share a remote house, and enjoy a peaceful life together, until Ellen shakes things up with a couple of houseguests.

Ellen is devoted to her sisters, Louisa and Emily, who are both simple-minded spinsters, and invites them for a visit.  Upon their arrival, the sisters make themselves at home, and settle in for a visit that is longer than what Miss Fiske had bargained for.

When Miss Fiske makes it known that it is time for the ladies to take their leave, they are unwilling to go, which causes Fiske and Ellen to quarrel.  Having vowed to her sisters that the three will remain together, Ellen sends them off on a drive, and when they return, Miss Fiske has left on a mysterious trip.

The three sisters settle in to life together without Miss Fiske, and all is going swimmingly until their nephew Albert shows up, determined to solve the mystery of Miss Fiske’s whereabouts.

Albert, a man with secrets of his own, and Lucy the maid, keep us totally engaged as they work together to flesh out the details of our little mystery.

Want to know where, in fact, Miss Fiske disappeared to?  You’ll have to stop by the theatre to find out!

This thrilling psychological melodrama, laced with a little comedy, has been well received both in New York and in smaller productions on the road.

Written by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham, “Ladies” is a wonderful showcase of talented women.  Only fitting since it deals with the interpersonal relationships between women, and the lengths they will go to in order to keep the promises they make, is the fact that it is very nearly an all-female production (sorry, Albert).

With six female actors, and women both directing and producing, it is a showing of girl-power at its best.   The play not only explores the love and devotion that we as sisters (both literally and figuratively) share, but also shines a light on our more base capabilities when we feel pushed into a corner.  Additionally, it showcases the vulnerability and social helplessness, which we as modern women have fortunately been able to overcome.

Tickets to the production range from $16 to $21, and include complimentary coffee, cold beverages, and cookies at intermission.   They may be purchased either over the phone with a major credit card, or at the box office.  Performance times are Thursdays- Saturdays at 8 p.m., with matinees on Sundays at 2 p.m.  Additionally, there is a bonus matinee on the final Saturday of the run, also at 2 p.m.

For more information about NTAC, and to purchase tickets, visit www.NTAConline.com, or call 949-631-0288



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