Plenty of Action in Non-Calm Bowl

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Light southwesterly breezes greeted 53 junior sabot racers at this year’s Non-Calm Bowl.  This is a relatively new event run by the older NHYC Non-Calm Board (mostly teenage, high school sailors), who run all aspects of this event.

A and B fleets were sailed together creating a challenging starting line. All fleets completed five races except C3 fleet that sailed only four. Newport Harbor Yacht Club made a great showing, winning three of the five fleets.

In the top Sabot A class, Jimmy Madigan again showed his mastery of light-air regattas sailed in the Turning Basin, tallying two firsts, a second and two thirds out of five races.  Sean Segerblom and Matt McDermitt both finished 10 points back. Madigan will get his name engraved on the perpetual trophy.

In other Non-Calm Bowl class action, Andrew Person won B fleet; Reid Wiley topped the C1 class, while Sean Caulfield and Erik Hough came out on top of C2 and C3 fleets, respectively.


Sabot A

  1. Jimmy Madigan (NHYC)
  2. Sean Segerblom (NHYC)
  3. Matt McDermitt (ABYC)

Sabot B

  1. Andrew Person (NHYC)
  2. Bobby Briggs (NHYC)
  3. Max Mayol (BCYC)

Sabot C1

  1. Reid Wiley (NHYC)
  2. Rhodes Garner (NHYC)
  3. Scott Mais (NHYC)

Sabot C2

  1. Sean Caulfield (BCYC)
  2. Cole Pomeroy (BCYC)
  3. Betsy Calder (NHYC)

Sabot C3

  1. Erik Hough (LIYC)
  2. Harrison White (NHYC
  3. Tyler Jones (BCYC)



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