Police Warn Residents About Burglaries

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Newport Beach police sent out alerts Wednesday about several burglaries that occurred over the weekend.

One of the police messages warned residents about two vehicle burglaries that both happened in the 1600 block of Mesa Drive on Friday and Monday. Both were reported around 5 p.m. and both vehicles were locked and the suspect entered through unknown means, according to the police message.

Among the items stolen were GPS, TV, CD’s, movies, sunglasses and an iPod. Both totaled less than $1,000 each.

The second police message detailed a garage burglary that happened between the evening of Dec. 29 and the morning of Dec. 30 in Egret Court. An unknown suspect entered an open garage door and ransacked an unlocked vehicle inside, according to the police message. Nothing was taken.

Other vehicle burglaries were reported to police in other parts of the city over the weekend including $5,300 worth of items from an auto in the 1900 block of Sherington Place on Saturday, and $6,000 from a vehicle in the 2100 block of Vista Laredo on Monday.

Some of the other garage burglaries reported to police over the weekend include two garage burglaries from the 100 block of 45th Street on Dec. 29 and Jan. 2, totaling $6,208 worth of items stolen. On Saturday, two more garages were broken into in the 300 block of Apolena Avenue and the 1500 block of Serenade Terrace, totaling $2,800 worth of items stolen. Also reported was $1,000 from a garage in the 500 block of Irvine Avenue on Friday.

The police messages also included tips on how residents can protect their vehicles and garages.

Be sure to lock and secure all doors and windows and set the car alarm, even if only stepping away from the vehicle for just a few minutes, the message advised. Don’t leave valuables in the vehicle. Always park in a well-lit area. While parking outside, take the garage door opener inside with the other keys.

Install a deadbolt lock on all doors and use a padlock on the garage doors track while closed, in case someone has an opened with the same frequency.

The police also recommend installing a hasp and padlock to the interior of the garage door to make opening it more difficult for criminals. The message also advised residents to consider improved lighting on the property.

Cover garage windows and lock bikes and all other valuables to something stationary inside the garage. Always keep the garage door closed.

Police also recommend residents join their Neighborhood Watch group.

Call police immediately to report any suspicious activity at 949-644-3717.

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