Strange Lights Seen Over CdM

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By Brian Lichterman | NB Indy


To add to the many unusual sightings this past week, a strange series of lights was seen by multiple sources last Saturday night in Corona del Mar.

Eyewitness Kim Dillon of Corona del Mar said she was outside of her house on Jasmine Avenue around 9:30 p.m. when she looked up and saw a strange formation of blinking lights.  There were approximately six lights in a sort of box formation that subtly transformed from a square to a triangular diamond shape, and even formed into a straight line, she said.

They appeared a little bit lower than a plane would be that took off from John Wayne Airport, Dillon added, and the lights were also blinking and changing from simple white light to colors such as blue, red, and even a purplish-blue.

Dillon was standing on the street looking towards the southeast when she initially saw the light formation.  Nobody else was on the street to verify her account, so she ran inside to grab her husband, Ralph, and mother, Janice.

They apparently were not the only witnesses. A video has been posted on YouTube purporting to show the lights over CdM Saturday night. On the video, a young couple can be heard discussing what they’re seeing and repeatedly asking, “Dude, what is that?”

Commenters on the video’s page include Dillon and her husband, and a commenter with the nickname kkleoni who also claims to have seen the display.

The video can be accessed by searching for “corona del mar ufo” on

The lights started out in front of her and began slowly moving to the left, according to Dillon.

“I saw the lights for about 10 minutes,” Dillon said.  “Then they disappeared behind our neighbor’s house, but the lights were still in the sky.”

She recalls thinking that the lights were definitely not a star but there was a bright star behind the formation that was in plain sight.  The light formation also stopped moving entirely and was stationary for a brief moment and was hovering in the sky, then continued to slowly move out of her vision.

A media representative in the public affairs office of the FAA, Ian Gregor said, “We’ve had odd atmospheric conditions lately with the humid weather and temperatures for the last couple of weeks.”

Gregor continued, “However, I can tell you that there’s been absolutely no unusual aircraft activity anywhere lately.”

Gregor also mentioned a recent hoax that took place at the end of October in Buena Park above Knott’s Berry Farm where somebody took a picture with an iPhone of a strange shape hovering above one of the rides.  This isn’t the first report of such sightings at Knott’s, but a spokesperson for the park said that no visitors had reported seeing anything suspicious to park workers that night.

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