The Boarding School Advantage

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Charterhouse is one on the many UK Boarding Schools which clients seem to feel retains that ‘Hogwarts’ appeal of beautiful architecture, high standards, as well as a great deal of kindness which is individually centered on each child.

When the phone rang at our office early one morning, and the President of Mexico was on the line asking about advice for his daughter, it was at that moment we realized we may have achieved some success.

It’s very humbling to be recognized on the world stage for our Boarding School expertise, and that on any given day a world leader, an ambassador, famous sports and film stars, or merely a lovely family from LA or the OC will ring, and ask us to find a place where their child will thrive and be happy. There’s never a phone call or situation that we take lightly, as the task of ensuring the growth, emotional stability, and successful education of a child is always our priority. Any decision related to one’s son or daughter is an important one, and also crucial to the overall workings of a family. Parents often realize that giving their child the advantages of a Boarding School education is one of the least selfish things that they can ever do. It, too, can be one of the most positive and transformative decisions for the success of their son or daughter.

Attending a Boarding School is not for everyone. We counsel families almost daily to ensure that choosing such a path is indeed the most beneficial educational route. That said, there is no greater joy than after a few weeks at a Boarding School, our families contact us to say their child has never been happier or more engaged academically or socially in their entire life. They see celebration in their child’s eyes, and excitement in their voice as they’ve found the School where they can truly flourish. Parents understand that placing a child into the best educational scenario, instead of merely accepting a local option, can miraculously create a blissful path for a child.

Our clients continually praise our ability to create a remarkable Boarding School placement, and each being tailored specifically to a child’s individualized needs. Our team is honored to call Orange County home, and we are humbled to be one of the most sought after collection of Boarding School experts in the world. We welcome inquiries from our Orange County families, and hope to meet with you individually to determine a unique and successful path for your child’s education.

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