Tiffany South Coast Plaza Debuts Leather Collection

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By Lynn Selich | Society Editor


The incomparable Marche Moderne was the setting for the recent Fall 2010 launch of the must-have Tiffany Leather Collection including handbags and accessories for both men and women by renowned designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex, two names synonymous with the finest in leather design who were in town specially from New York for the luncheon.

Since this particular launch was a first in Tiffany’s long and prominent history, the energy in the room filled with VIP shoppers and media was palpable.  I took my seat at a table with Mr. Truex, who was incredibly affable and easy going as he began to describe with care and detail the handcrafted work behind the darling Tiffany bracelet bag that was on display at each table under glass.

As he brought the bag out for us to admire, timeless and sweet, he explained that these delightful cuties come in almost every color of the rainbow to match any and all outfits, and all boast the classic “Tiffany Blue” on their interiors.

As we regrouped downstairs in the showroom to view the entire collection up close and personal, I was taken by the attentiveness of the Tiffany staff as well as the designers as they answered questions and repeated requests to view this satchel or that clutch.

Since I typically carry everything but the kitchen sink with me on any given day, the Tiffany East Side tote caught my fancy, and when Santa asks me if I’ve been a good girl, I’ll have it in mind when I nod “yes.”


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