Transpac Under Way

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The first wave of Transpac starters left Point Fermin July 4, bound for Honolulu with a light sea breeze to get them “off the beach.”  The remainder of the fleet – mostly the larger boats – takes off today.

A number of top local sailors will still be out again for this year’s 2,225 mile race. Among the well-known local sailors are Dave Ullman (Holua), Bill Mais (Grand Illusion), and Alan Andrews (Medicine Man), who will all be out in the 70+foot boats that are starting today.

A common phrase heard this year is that there should be ample breeze offshore for a fast passage, “if we can just get to it!”  Like 2009, it looks like the faster boats (generally the boats over 60 feet) will see generally better conditions as they get out off California.

The smaller boats that started July 4 look to have a relatively tougher time reaching the trade winds. Boats starting later in the week look like they will have stronger breezes that should help them reach to the steadier breezes that are typically found 300-400 miles southwest off the California coast.

It’s not always this way.  In ,he smaller boats got off the coast in great windy conditions, while many of the larger boats found themselves parked with no wind next to San Nicholas Island looking for breeze.  Look for the first Transpac Racers to start reaching Honolulu around July 14.

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