Unlocked Vehicle Stolen From Open Garage in Eastbluff

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Newport Beach Police Department shared an alert on Tuesday about an auto theft and residential burglary that happened last week in Eastbluff.

The crime occurred in the 2500 block of Bunya St., between 4 p.m. on April 2 and 6:30 a.m. on April 3.

According to police, the victim forgot to close the garage door after parking their vehicle.

At some point during the night, an unknown suspect entered the open garage and rummaged through one of the unlocked vehicles, the message explains. The suspect then opened the second unlocked vehicle in the garage and discovered a key in the center console.

The suspect drove off with the vehicle and the property inside, including a wallet and the garage door remote.

Police also used the alert to remind residents to report suspicious activity within their neighborhood, by calling NBPD at (949) 644-3717.

The message also included some garage and vehicle security tips, as well as a home security checklist to help residents “harden the target.”

Newport Beach Police Department shared their home security checklist following a burglary this week. (Click to view and download the full checklist)
— Courtesy NBPD
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