Greg Applegate Bio

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Curriculum Vitae 


Registered Consulting Arborist 



BS, Landscape Architecture: California State Polytechnic University, 1973

American Society of Consulting Arborists’ – Consulting Academy,  1995


Sales and delivery, Carney’s Nursery, Montrose, CA June 1963 – September 1964

Sales and delivery, La Crescenta Nursery, La Crescenta, CA,  September 1964 – June ‘69

Manage Garden & Nursery Dept.,  Builders Emporium,  La Crescenta,

June 1969 – May 1970

Sales, Rosedale’s Nurseries, Monrovia, CA, May 1970 – Sept. 1973

Landscape Architecture Assistant, Project Manager, City of Los Angeles, Parks &

Recreation, Design Division, September 1973 – July 1974

Landscape Architecture, Cummings-Bucci & Associates, Los Angeles, CA,

Sept. 1974 – October 1975

Sales, Bordier’s Nursery, Irvine, CA November 1975 – December 1977

Landscape Architect Rep, Keeline Wilcox Nurseries, December 1977 – February 1987

Landscape Architect Rep and Consulting, SeaTree Nurseries and Urban Forestry

Consultants Division, E. Irvine, CA February 1987 – March 1994

Independent Arboricultural Consultant,  1985 – to present

CEO and principal consultant of Arborgate Consulting,  October 2008 to present


Registered Consulting Arborist #365

Certified Arborist #WC-0180

Certified Tree Risk Assessor #PNC-444

Certified Nurseryman #251 (expired)


American Society of Consulting Arborists

American Society of Landscape Architects

International Society of Arboriculture

International Palm Society

Street Tree Seminar, Inc.

California Tree Failure Report Program

SCC/ASLA Water Conservation Task Force (1995)

Los Angeles County Redgum Lerp Psyllid Task Force (1999)


Director, American Institute of Landscape Architects 1980-1981

Green Industry Council  1981-1983

President, California Landscape Architecture Student Scholarship Fund 1985

UCLA – Interior Landscape Program Advisory Committee 1986

Saddleback College Horticulture Advisory Committee 1989 -1996

Aerial Rescue and Palm Climb Judge – So Calif Tree Trimmers Jamboree – July 16, 1994

First certified Tree Risk Appraiser in California 2008

Guest lecturer at UCLA, UCI, Cal Poly, Saddleback College, & Palomar Junior College


“Interior Landscape Solutions”, Landscape Architectural Forum,  March 1980

“Proper Tree Selection”, Landscape Construction & Maintenance,  March 1990

“Why Does Everyone Use the Common Coral”, Tatsumi & Partners Newsletter, 7/1990

“Happier Clients & Better Business, GreenTECH Show Issue, March 1990

“Trees: Successful Strategies” CV Clippings, Coachella Valley CLCA, September 1994

Contributor – “Plantmaster” (computer plant selection software program), 1993/2004

Urban Forestry Consultant’s Newsletter articles:

“Protect Your Young Trees with Proper Staking and Bracing” February 1991

“Are You Digging Yourself Into a Hole?”, April 1991

“The Torrey Pine”, October 1991

“Choosing the Right Shade Tree”, October 1991

“The Art of Pruning”, October 1991

“A Word About Palms-Structure & Function”, January 1992

“A Word About Palms-Specifications & Price”, January 1992

“Neodypsis Decaryi-The Triangle Palm”, January 1992

“A Word About Palms-Planting Location & Uses”, March 1992

“A Word About Palms-Space & the Growing Environment”, April 1992

“A Word About Palms-Planting Requirements”, April 1992

“A Word About Palms-Pruning”, April 1992

“A Word About Palms- Watering & Fertilizing”, May 1992

“A Word About Palms-Injury, Pests & Disease”, May 1992

“Brahea Edulis-the Guadeloupe Palm”, April 1992

“Markhamia Hildebrandtii”, June 1992

“Caryota Urens-Himalayan Fishtail Palm” August 1992

“Prunus Campanulata-Taiwan Flowering Cherry”, November 1992

“Michelia Doltsopa”, December 1992

“Majesty Palm – Ravenea Rivularis”, January 1993

“Fall Color Extravaganza and Then Some”, January 1993

“The Persistent Problem of Polluting Plants”, February 1993

“On Deep Roots and How to Get Them”, March 1993

“More on Roots”, March 1993

“Melaleuca Nesophylla-Western Tea Myrtle”, March 1993

“Lots of Talk About Less is More-Tree Care for the 90’s”, April 1993

“Still More Talk on Less is More”, April 1993

“Mulching-The Lost Art”, May 1993

“Planting Freshly Boxed Trees”, October 1993

“Handling Freshly Delivered Trees”, October 1993

“Fire Resistant Trees”, November 1993

“The Koelreuterias”, November 1993

“On Behalf of Diversity”, December 1993

SCC/ASLA Newsletter – Many of the above were also published by the ASLA newsletter.

“Handling Freshly Delivered Trees, July 1994

“The Persistent Problem of Polluting Plants, May 1995

“Whose Tree is it Now?”, 1997

“An Arborist by Any Other Name”, 1998

“Redgum Lerp Psyllids Status Report”, 1999


November 1980 – American Institue of Landscape Archtecture annual meeting –

“Selecting Trees”

July 21, 1982 – Calif Parks & Recreation Society Annual Meeting –

High Temperature Limb Drop

January 14, 1987 – Joint meeting of WCISA and Street Tree Seminar –

“Nursery Field Grown versus Container Grown Trees”

June 14, 1991 – CLCA and Calif Parks & Recreation Society –

“Trees-Identifying Risks & Limiting Liability”

October 14, 1991 – WCISA annual meeting –

“Palm Tree Selection and Care”

May 14, 1992 – WCISA annual meeting preconference workshop –

“Planting Techniques”

June 22, 1993 – Orange County Chapter is CLCA monthly meeting –

“Tree Selection”

February 12,1994 – Inland Chapter of CLCA monthly meeting –

Tree Pruning Basics”

March 28, 1996 – International Right of Way Association Valuation Seminar –

“Tree & Landscape Appraisal”

January 13, 2005 – California Tree Failure Report Program at Filoli Center –

“Failure of Blue Gums”

May 14, 2005 – California Preservation Foundation –

“Preserving Historic Plant Materials”

May 4, 2006 – California Tree Failure Report Program, Descanso Gardens –

“Failure of Caryota Palms”

April 19, 2007 – California Tree Failure Report Program, Descanso Gardens

“Assorted Palm and Tree Failures

February 4, 2009 – University of California, Irvine – Division Managers Meeting

Current Planting Specifications

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