Ahh, September

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”

I know this familiar Christmas song is out of season at the moment, but it so accurately describes Newport in September that I just couldn’t resist.

School has started and our guests from all over the country have gone home for the next nine months. No more crew-cab trucks that are jacked up so far that they look like they’ll fall over on their next turn. Plus they take up so much parking on our city streets that we locals have to keep looking for a spot even further from our homes. These vehicles are so much better suited for the IE (inland empire) with its wide open spaces that sometimes I wish they would just stay there.

I even found easy parking on street sweeping days this week.

Familiar faces are seen all over town as we regulars come out of hiding and once again frequent our familiar haunts.

Trash on the beach is almost no-existent, as we who love this town so much show the respect we have for our glorious surroundings.

Rent is reduced on those treasured beachfront homes from $3,000 per week to $3,000 per month, and some of us get to move into our fantasy living situation for yet another nine months.

The surf is often at its best this time of year and with the kids in school, us old guys enjoy the south swells without a crowd. And there’s the possibility of a Santa Ana wind to cleanly groom its shape.

Not to mention there’s no black ball flags to worry about.

These are the days that refresh my soul and remind me of just how lucky we are to live in Newport Beach.

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TK Brimer is the operator of The Frog House surf shop in West Newport.

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