Another Potpourri of Thoughts

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• The LA Lakers brass, players and fans are puzzled by the team’s poor start. They fired their head coach Mike Brown after 5 games, played a few games without a head coach, and at press time have an unimpressive 3 and 3 record with their latest head coach. Their best games were those without any head coach. The simple solution to the Lakers’ problems is to have their all-star players go out and play without any coach! This would save the Lakers’ management at least 3-4 million dollars a year plus fancy suits and ties.

• To date, post season, the Angels have traded for a starter and a reliever, one of whom had arm problems and the other shoulder problems in 2012. Perhaps this will allow them to save enough money to sign super starter Zack Greinke as well. The other hometown team, Dodgers, are also in the running as are the Texas Rangers. I look at this as our home teams having a two-thirds chance of inking Greinke and making him a very rich man. Word is the Angels are also looking at signing a star third baseman who had two broken legs and one torn meniscus this year.

•  Curious how many unflattering stories suddenly broke in the media one day after the election of President Obama. First came Libya-Gate, followed by Sex-Gate, email-Letter-Gate, daily Fiscal Cliff scares, and White House lies perpetuated by Ambassador Rice. Some of these stories were months old and known to some in the liberal press who buried them as directed by the party boss. If there were an award for best biased coverage the liberal press would get a large combined Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Pulitzer. My most serious concerns though are those stories of corruption that will be released gradually by the press in the next four years. The Press won’t need to bury facts they deem harmful to the Democrats now that Obama is securely set in his second term.

• N.G. sent me his Grandson’s unforgettable quote: “Since our children’s garage is full of ‘stuff’ and they have no room to pull in their car, the grandkids have only seen their car parked in the driveway. When we had them over to our new house for the first time and pulled into the garage, our grandson queried, ‘You park in the garage?’”

• Writes a friend, M.J., “When my daughter lived out of town, I asked my 3-year-old granddaughter where she thought Grandma and Grandpa lived? She answered, “the airport.” I asked why she said that and her response was, ‘that is where we always go to pick you up and take you back.”

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