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* The Envelope Please

No doubt you have read or heard that the Angel’s are keeping Manager Mike Scioscia, General Manager Jerry Dipoto and third base coach Dino Ebel, and letting batting coach Jim Eppard and bench coach Rob Picciolo go. Someone must have handed owner Arte Morino the wrong envelope at the recent team meeting. He got the “let go” envelope by mistake. The pitching coach, Mike Butcher, also should have been let go. Perhaps Moreno can tell us how bench coach Picciolo was the goat who cost the Angels the pennant. The real answer is for the owner to fire the owner. The latter is statistically improbable.

* The Eye of the Tiger?

Have you noticed that the major league baseball teams that made the final four are the ones whose players, coaches and managers have excitement and fire in their eyes, something the Angels have lost except for the August rookies.

* Unable to Escape

Why is it that the most irritating TV commercials are the ones shown every ten minutes no matter what channel you turn to?

* Constant Promos and Hype

Thank heaven for the Fall TV season. You no longer have to watch the endless trailers, promos and hype. More often than not, the promo season lasts longer than the show itself.

* Racism?

Recently there has been a debate about the use of the term “Redskins” in the name of the Washington, D.C. football team. But why is this not an honor or tribute rather than racism? If the team wanted to call themselves the “Washington Gluecks” of Newport Beach I would be ecstatic. I should note that in the recent Miss America contest the two finalists were of Indian and Asian background. The new Miss America is Indian. Not exactly racism in my book.

* Emmys

Did anyone notice during the 2013 Emmy Awards on TV the large number of people who went up to the stage to collect their honor. It used to be one or two directors or producers, etc. who went up to the stage. One time I actually counted 19 people on stage and was still counting before the camera shot changed. Next year they are going to use Dodger stadium for the Emmy Awards so that the entire casts, crews, chefs and drivers can go up to the pitching mound to savor and share the awards.

 Michael Arnold Glueck, M.D., of Newport Beach, is an award winning writer who writes “Deep Thoughts for The Newport Beach Independent.

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