Boaters’ Weather

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The seas will be pleasant for ocean cruising this weekend with a 2-foot swell from the west and a 2-foot south creating a little mixed set. The winds will be decent for sailing, blowing at 10 to 11 knots from the west, and the morning winds will be coming from the southeast early Friday then changing to the west.

It looks like the winds may hold up at 10 knots throughout the evening and morning hours, and the wind over the outer waters will gust up to 15 knots. The wind waves on top of the swells will be 1 to 2 feet on the coastal waters and up to 3-feet on the outer waters for this weekend.

You can expect daytime highs this weekend in the mid-60s and nighttime lows to be in the high 50s along the coast, so a small temperature change between the low and high points. We will have patchy fog along the coast and then the clouds will start to burn off for sunshine in the afternoons.

So, as always, with an eye to the north, we look to the waters off Point Conception to see what is coming down the coast. The point is coming off of small-craft warnings as the northwesterly winds decrease to 10 knots on Friday and then increase to 15 knots for the Saturday and Sunday. The wind waves will be 2 to 3 feet on top of a mixed set with 5 feet from the northwest and a 2-foot south. You can expect morning fog, partly sunny afternoon skies and cloudy nights, so this weekend might be a good time to round the point, especially anyone traveling downhill in a southerly direction. If you are heading up the coast then be cautious, as you need to know your abilities and what your boat can handle.

Remember to boat safely, and that all boat operators need to be alert, look around when underway, and be courteous to other boaters. Non-swimmers and poor swimmers should wear lifejackets. Boat safely, and be courteous when cruising in the harbor or on the high seas.

Safe Voyages,

Mike Whitehead, Capt.

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