Bongiorno Boomers: Starting Anew

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Good Morning, (Buon Giorno) Boomers! I trust you’ve recovered sufficiently from the Holidays for us to begin the New Year together.

From my present vantage point, I see a lot of changes in the offing, and, like Ricky Ricardo, I may have “a lot of splainin’ to do” to make sense of it all for you and me both.


I’m still a little shaky, wondering why I’ve been blessed since November 30 to have had the company of a rather dazzling lady.

Sure, I counseled all you Boomer Singles to “get out there!” and include someone new in your Holiday festivities. But the rapidity and depth of our mutual understandings, interests, tastes, likes, dislikes, even politics has been a complete surprise to both this gal and me—and pretty wonderful.

Being of pure Sicilian and Catholic heritage, I give all the credit and thanks to Him for this turn of events, but don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to proselytize. All I’m saying is, if you’re in a great relationship, at least thank your partner frequently. If you’re not, saying a few prayers can’t hurt.

Sub-Human Creatures in the Home

I’m coming to a new understanding of the roles that animals play in households without resident children.

As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, I consider myself animal neutral. I appreciated the influence my lovely ex-wife’s devotion to her collies and rabbits had on our son throughout his youth during our 25-year marriage. He is a far gentler man today because of her pets.

My parents never kept animals and neither have I. Now, however, I am coming into virtually daily contact with the two cats my lady resides with—one for over twenty years!

I noticed their devotion to her and her happiness at their play. Naturally, I initially gave them a wide berth, and, surprisingly, they have been friendly. It helps that they require no walking nor my participation in their ablutions (I have also been careful not to recount to my lady the many happy hours I spent as a boy with my dad after he taught me how to hiss at cats to make them run down the alley behind our house).

Becoming Svelte

The $974 I spent in October on Lindora’s Ten Week Rapid Weight Loss Program has been definitely worth the money: I’ve lost 20 pounds—down from 280 to 260. I need to lose another 40 pounds to reach my final weight loss goal of 220.

While Lindora urges me to continue with them, I feel I must at least TRY to lose the weight on my own, now that I’m armed with the Lindora diet plans and techniques they’ve taught me.

My game plan is to lose another 20 pounds by Easter, and the final 20 pounds by my June 1 Birthday.

It also doesn’t hurt that my lady is trim, and supportive of my efforts. I will keep you advised of my progress (or possible lack of progress).


I told you previously that I thought volunteering at something one likes doing could lead to being able to forge a new income stream for Unretirement.

I’m still somewhat vague about this, but I have begun by taking a class once a week. Mine is in the Valley. It gets me out of my comfort zone here in Newport Beach, the class is full of young people (with different views and values than I’m used to) and it forces me to read and memorize. Already I can see that the class gives me new topics of conversation to have with old friends and new people to tell my old stories to—so it’s a win-win so far!


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