Bongiorno’s Boomers: Rolling Stops and Cruising Weddings

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Why do so many drivers manifest a Dangerous Contempt for Stopping?  

Certainly you’ve seen it, if not done so yourself: motorists (and bicyclists) routinely rolling through Stop signs and/or when turning right at traffic lights. 

Blatant examples? Try the right turn lane at south bound Coast Highway & Bayside, or the stoplight at south bound Bayside & Marine Avenue (at the Balboa Island bridge), or any intersection controlled by Stop signs alone on Balboa or Lido Island. 

So many routinely ignore stopping as required by law. What about concern for unwary or oblivious pedestrians (totally engrossed in their cell phones, walking multiple dogs or in conversations with friends)? Fuggeda bout it!! Even in the face of several recent fatalities, this rampant practice continues.  Crack Down NBPD, please crack down on these scofflaws!

On a happier topic, my only child, my namesake son, the 6’6” Adonis, is getting married in three weeks.  I’m of course busting with pride and joy, and not only because the wedding and open bar reception is not costing me a dime. 

No, my growing happiness is due to Mike’s choices: his wonderful CPA fiancée and her nice family, that the entire proceedings will take place on one of those Hornblower-type yachts over four hours in our gorgeous Newport Harbor, and that all the pertinent relatives and friends will be there to share in our joy. 

Not inconsequential too is my cautious optimism that now at last I see light at the end of the grandchildren tunnel (the fiancée has a twin with two adorable toddlers). 

When one dates mostly widowed/divorced grandmothers, it’s helpful in gaining their trust if you can point out your similarities—and grandchildren usually top their list of “favorite things.”

I pulled out my tuxedo recently and found it has shrunk some sitting in my closet for over a year since I last wore it. It is going to be a real fight to lose enough weight over the next three weeks to fit into it on my son’s wedding day. Luckily I am a Marine and we don’t ever give up, so I’m confident I can pull this off. Besides, eating is overrated.

Regarding politics, I agree with Newt Gingrich that the Trump Administration should immediately discontinue the Daily Televised Press Briefings. While Sean Spicer can hold his own, the briefings have deteriorated into an all “Gotcha Trump” discourse that is rancorous, demeaning and potentially harmful to our democratic institutions, especially to the office of the President.

The public animus shown by the dominant biased liberal media is really unprecedented (see Kathy Griffin!). Let’s all take the rhetoric down a notch or two, or as Rodney King pleaded, “Can’t we all just get along?”

I leave you with a quote from John Kenneth Galbraith: “Politics consists of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.”  

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