Bonsai Show Aug. 5 & 6 at Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar

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Bonsai tree

Come to Sherman Library & Gardens this Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 5 and 6, and learn about the art of bonsai. The show will include a display of exquisite miniature trees presented by the Orange Empire Bonsai Society and introduce visitors to a variety of techniques and approaches.

Following the ancient Japanese tradition, the trees are intended to replicate the character of old trees found in nature using trees and shrubs grown in containers. Find out more about the art of dwarfing and reshaping the gifts of nature into a living art object.

Orange Empire Bonsai Society is a group of bonsai enthusiasts dedicated to sharing their skills and to inspiring the next generation or growers. Members will be available during the show to give advice and information, including giving talks and workshops.

Saturday, Aug. 6

Bonsai Workshop: Creating a Traditional Japanese Three Point Display / 9 a.m. – 12 p.m

Join Jorge Perez and Debra Mauzy-Melitz from the Orange Empire Bonsai Society to create a traditional Japanese three point display worthy of a home showcase or a special gift. You will be planting and styling a cork-bark Portulacaria afra, assembling a mini-Saikei (a natural blend of rocks, trees, smaller plants and mosses) and painting a complimenting scroll featuring a morning glory – the customary Japanese plant for August. At the end of the workshop, participants will arrange their bonsai and saikei with a scroll and mat to complete a summer bonsai display. The history and “rules” of a Japanese seasonal display will be discussed, but each participant will be encouraged to design a display to reflect their own creativity.

Fee: $100 Member / $110 Non-Member. Registration Required

Sunday, Aug. 7

Talk: What kind of tree will make a Bonsai? / 11:30 a.m.

Orange Empire Bonsai Society Member Gary Lai will discuss and illustrate a number of tree species appropriate for creating bonsai, along with guidelines which can be used to evaluate other trees and tree species. Free with Garden Admission.

Demonstration: Creating Miniature Accent Plants / 1 p.m.

Orange Empire Bonsai Society Member John DeLuca will demonstrate the practice of creating miniature accent plants. Attendees will have the option to buy a small kit following the demonstration and put what they have learned into practice with a hands-on activity.  Free with Garden Admission.

Sherman Library & Gardens is at 2647 East Coast Hwy in Corona del Mar. Call (949) 673-2261 or visit

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