Booze Allowed at Beauty Salons

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Beauty salons and barber shops are now legally able to offer a glass of wine or beer to their patrons without getting a liquor license.

On Jan. 1, California bill AB1322, also known as the Drybar Bill, became law and says salons may serve customers 21 and older up to a 6-ounce glass of wine or up to 12 ounces of beer. Other stipulations of the law require that the drink itself be free and served before 10 p.m.

Drybar has been offering a glass of wine to their clients since they opened seven years ago, and each Drybar location, including the one in Fashion Island, is shaped like a bar.

Drybar founder Alli Webb said it was part of the experience that women love about Drybar.

“They loved getting their hair done, they love the confidence they had when they went out the door, but they also love having a glass of wine while sitting here,” Webb told ABC7 News in Los Angeles.

“It’s also a great way to unwind after work. Or maybe your lunch break. No judgement,” she said with a smile.


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