Carlson Quits Assembly Race; OC Party to Go All In for Mansoor

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The Republican Party of Orange County has called a Special Endorsement Meeting for the 74th Assembly District race on Saturday, Jan. 28, at the Party HQ, with the specific purpose of endorsing Assemblyman Allan Mansoor in the primary election.

Why the sense of urgency and the need for a special meeting, instead of just waiting for the February meeting?

Well apparently, Chairman Scott Baugh and the county party have identified the true enemy in the upcoming 74th Assembly race, and it’s not a Democrat.  Meetings (some secret, some wide open) have been held, phone calls have been made, and negotiations have been attempted … all for the purpose of defeating Republican Newport Beach Councilmember Leslie Daigle.

Here’s an excerpt from Chairman Baugh’s email:

The reason that I am noticing Allan Mansoor for endorsement consideration is that there is a brewing urgency to the 74th Assembly District that I believe warrants your early consideration.  I have been told that the Democrats do not intend to field a candidate in that district.  The reason for this is two-fold.  First, they want the Republicans to burn Republican dollars fighting each other in the primary and in the general.  This diverts important resources for others races.  The second reason is that they want a more liberal Republican to win the seat.  Their plan is to have Democrats and public employee labor union support go to a liberal Republican who will vote for tax increases and more favorable legislation for their liberal causes.  Thus, I believe that we should unite behind our courageous Republican incumbent, Allan Mansoor.  In doing so, we will thwart their efforts to undermine our conservative values. 

I’ve mentioned this Assembly District many times before, noting that with Mansoor and former California Republican Party Treasurer Keith Carlson in the race with Daigle, the conservatives (Mansoor and Carlson) would split the vote and allow Daigle, perceived as more moderate, to pass through to the General Election, where she would probably win.

Further clouding the water is the entry of former Huntington Beach Mayor Joe Carchio into the fray, as well.

Well … the phone calls and the meetings, along with the threat of an Assemblywoman Daigle, were pressing enough for Carlson to officially drop out of the race this week, saying, “If Daigle wins, I don’t want to be the blame for it.”

So now, with Mansoor, Daigle and Carchio still in, the Republican Party of Orange County is going to take a major role in PREVENTING six years of a “liberal Republican who will vote for tax increases,” as it characterizes Daigle, by throwing the weight of its Endorsement behind Mansoor.

Now, you are probably asking yourself, how much does the county party’s endorsement mean?  And how much can it hurt Daigle, especially in the District where President Barack Obama beat Sen. John McCain in 2008 elections?

It all has to do with Money and Time.

Any money that Mansoor saves by not attacking Keith Carlson will be used on Daigle, and the sooner the attacks can begin the better for him.

Meanwhile, the party will try to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to specifically attack Daigle and praise Mansoor.

But how much will (can) they raise from their regular and trusted Newport Beach Republican donors, who have also been supporting Daigle for years on the Newport Beach City Council?

We all know that the Public Employee Unions truly detest Mansoor from his days on the Costa Mesa City Council. Will they spend big dollars to replace him with anyone who “fogs up a mirror?”

But how much will they be willing to spend? And does Daigle really fit the bill as a Union Stooge, especially if she starts voting AGAINST the Newport Beach Police and Fire Unions in the ongoing City negotiations?

Well, with Carlson out of the race and the party Endorsement coming for Mansoor, we shall soon see.

The goal now will be to attack Daigle for the June Primary, then attack her again in the November General Election.

The enemy has been identified, and she is Leslie.



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