Letter to the Editor: Citizens of the Year Endorse Brenner and Stoaks

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It has been our collective honor to serve as Citizens of the Year in Newport Beach.   All of us share a love for our community and a deep appreciation for the values that make our city great.

We also share a concern about the direction of our city over the past four years and how the level of civil discourse has diminished since the introduction of machine politics to our community.

We think a change is in order.

We are proud to support Tim Stoaks, who is running in District 3, and Joy Brenner, who is running in District 6. Tim and Joy are longtime residents with a history of community involvement. Both of them have contributed to making our city better through projects such as the OASIS Senior Center, the Santa Ana Heights fire station and horse trail, the Corona del Mar library and our new animal shelter.  They have been with us in the fight to protect our city from the impacts of John Wayne Airport and they are committed to address traffic and density issues that are reducing our quality of life.

The fundamental problem is that the city council appears not to reflect our community values nor to prioritize protecting our quality of life when it conflicts with certain special interests. This is reflected in a lack of respect shown to the community and our neighborhoods.

Perhaps the best example of this was the unfortunate way our highly respected City Manager Dave Kiff was forced to retire early by the council majority. We don’t want to turn our city into Irvine, and we don’t think you do either.

We believe Tim and Joy will be council members who will respect the law, respect the views of Newport Beach residents and respect our community values.

The experiment with highly partisan, machine politics has been a failure. It’s time for a change. Please join us in supporting Tim Stoaks in District 3 and Joy Brenner in District 6. Together, we can restore Newport Beach.

However, we will fail if you do not vote!


Nancy and Jack Skinner / John and Elizabeth Starr       / Scott Paulson / Evelyn Hart / Jean Watt / Rush Hill

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