City Council Candidate Recommendations

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I have researched the candidates and have my recommendations for Newport Beach City Council:

District 3: Marshall “Duffy” Duffield

Mayor Rush Hill (Duffield’s opponent) was one of the primary drivers of the overpriced city hall. This cost Newport Beach taxpayers about $297 million. Those costs are more than $3,000 per man, woman and child in Newport Beach.

At a recent Orange County Republican Party Central Committee meeting, Hill was practically begging the members for their endorsement, claiming to be a strong (albeit big-spending) Republican. Hill’s opponent Duffy was endorsed overwhelmingly with the other reform candidates.

At a recent candidate forum, Hill claimed to be “nonpartisan” while accusing the candidates that the Orange County Republican Party endorsed of being partisan. That’s two-faced.

In December 2012, I attended the dock tax city council meeting. Many speakers criticized the excessive spending on the new city hall and the dock tax.

Apparently, Hill took it personally. He responded angrily by using the S*** word and insulted citizens who disagreed with him in immature, mindless and petty ways.

I was embarrassed for Hill that night. In my opinion, Hill is unfit for any leadership position.

Marshall “Duffy” Duffield is an American entrepreneur. He founded and grew Duffy Electric Boat Company, located in Newport Beach, based on his clever invention. Those of us who enjoy cruising Newport Harbor in Duffy boats appreciate and benefit from his life’s work.

Duffy would be a big civility upgrade over Mayor Rush Hill. Duffy wants to mitigate Rush Hill’s debt anchor, saying, “I don’t like excessive debt in my business or my city government.”

District 4: Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon is a lawyer and served as a prosecutor in the DA’s office. But Muldoon has moved into a business role.

Muldoon has been a Republican activist and would be influential as a council member to the benefit of Newport Beach with state legislators, county officials and business leaders.

In spite of using the title “Businessman” as part of his ballot designation, it appears Tim Brown’s (Muldoon’s opponent) primary income comes from being a reading teacher at Riverside City College (according to the school’s catalogue). I benefited greatly from taking junior college classes in 11th and 12th grade—they were a helpful transition on the way to college. Brown should embrace his long time profession.

I’m concerned that as a long time government employee, Brown would continue the big spending past of Newport Beach, rather than launch its fiscally responsible future. I predict Roy Englebrecht (the other opponent) will finish last of the three candidates.

District 6: Scott Peotter

Scott Peotter is one of the reform candidates and Mike Toerge (his opponent) is the status quo candidate in this race. Although both candidates have served on Newport Beach’s Planning Commission, only Scott Peotter aggressively supports property rights and fiscal responsibility.

Peotter supports reducing city debt like Duffy and Muldoon. Potter wants to explore ways to reduce the city’s irresponsible debt, including selling the old city hall property, the new city hall’s bad art graveyard and bunny-henge.

District 1: Diane Dixon

Diane Dixon is running unopposed. Dixon has a long background in corporate public relations. She is the least likely candidate to unleash the S***-word at a city council meeting and supports more responsible fiscal policies.


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