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* More on Magnetism

As a follow-up to last week’s column where I suggested putting large magnets on car bumpers (north poles facing out) to prevent collisions, I have one more silly thought. To the now patented system, add a device that would change the back bumper to a south pole so that in an emergency, or when a car won’t start, you can pull the disabled car by simply backing up to it. Clunk! No more chains, hooks, locks or other dangerous devices.

* Open the Vaults

In the past few weeks the Dodgers and then the Angels spent massive amounts of money to sign Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton respectively. It’s no longer just a game of money-ball. Now it has become a massive Monopoly game with real money played on a gigantic green board. Maybe the Angel’s will open a baseball bazaar for their extra players. Although there is some banter, whatever they do, they should never ever trade Peter Bourjos.

 * A Real Big Deal

That morning cup of coffee plus a pastry (doughnut, muffin or croissant) at your local coffee shop can easily cost you $5.00. Not at Whole Foods. They have a coffee and pastry big deal that costs $2.00 for both. I suppose that still doesn’t make up for their well- marbled (and well worth it) Prime New York steaks at $28.95 a pound.

* Prius Envy

Have you noticed that there are more Prius model cars flying around the corners, speeding or just driving dangerously. Perhaps more Prius owners are now from the younger generation who inherently lack cruise control but also want to get more miles per gallon. Remember that greater miles-per-gallon doesn’t grant you the legal right to greater miles-per-hour.

* A Real No-Brainer

Much has been written on the tragic death of British nurse Jacintha Saldanha who is now reported to have hung herself with a scarf. As always there is much finger pointing. I don’t want to sermonize but in truth the bad guys here are all of us. The media is mainly to blame because of their pathologic obsessive concern with the tiny details of other people’s lives, but never their own of course. The people fuel this fire by wanting and reading about this meddlesome stuff. We as a society have become far too nosey. You would think the media might have learned a little something from the Princess Diana disaster. The Princess died racing away from the media. What might have happened if it were Princess Kate who inadvertently also became the victim of this stupid prank? Enough said.

* Just One More Kiss

My son had been out of town for an extended period and his three kids missed him to the extent they competed diligently for daddy-time when he returned. That night one of the just two-year-old twins walked into the bedroom saying, “Kiss me daddy, daddy kiss me.”

*  A Thai Pad

Eli, my daughter’s young son, is well known for his constant big round smile, engaging laughter and willingness to please mom, dad and his big sister. Last week the family sent out for dinner from their favorite Thai restaurant. My daughter asked Eli if she could taste his Pad Thai. “No,” he said, “Get your own.” This was totally unexpected such that the comment raised a lot of eyebrows. The mystery was solved when mom realized that Eli had just turned two. That’s two as in terrible.

* That’s Mayan

Some cultures think that the world will end on Dec.21, 2012. Wait, isn’t that the date on today’s edition? Read rapidly while I say sayonara.

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