Election Suggestions

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The election season is in full swing and nowadays so much of the vote is done by mail.

So what can you, the voter, expect in the weeks to come?

No. 1, mailers. Lots of them!

You’ll get mailers from the Republican Party, the Democrats, public safety associations, chambers, the local taco stand. Not really, just seeing if you’re paying attention.

Did you know that many, but not all, of these mailers are actually done in exchange for the candidate paying for that endorsement?

So in essence, a mailer arrives at your house and says we endorse Joe Blow. Great! Your next question is “why?” The answer is because Joe Blow paid money to that organization for their “support.”

Some system, huh?

So, today I thought I’d offer you Tom’s tips for the 2010 election to help you get past those mailers. First it should be noted that no one paid me any money for an endorsement. I can only wish! And, I might point out that if they tried, it would take a lot more money than they’d be willing to consider.

First, let’s look at Newport Beach City Council. I noted earlier in this column space that Rush Hill has my backing. I’ve known Rush for a long time through business, the Chamber and serving on many community committees.

That being said, I also want to point out that I’ve gotten to know Ed Reno and think he’s a great guy. However, my feeling is that Ed is a guy who could get more done on a statewide basis and would have more full support there.

It bothers me that this race has taken partisan tones. Reno and his Scott Baugh-led backers are trying to position Ed as the Republican. Let’s not forget that Hill is also a Republican, having served under Ronald Reagan. To me, Baugh and his group need to get with the times and move the party, my party, to a more centrist position on social issues.

Moving on.

Leslie Daigle gets the check mark. She was great at a recent political forum I attended and has seemed to grow into her position. She deserves four more years.

Michael Henn and Nancy Gardner are running un-opposed; both deserve a vote of support.

For the school board. I’m staying with change here. Loretta Zimmerman and Katrina Foley.

Zimmerman is running against Judy Franco. Franco is a great person and has served strongly for a decade or three. I argue that 30 years is enough. Judy, over lunch, explained to me how her experience will be useful with the difficult problems facing the District ahead.

Foley is just, well, involved. The District needs her voice.

Lastly, in a little publicized election, I’m pulling for David Grant for a position on the Coast Community College Board. Grant is a past Orange Coast College president and beings a voice of reason. A vote for David is a vote against the unions.

No matter which way you decide, now more than ever, vote and be heard.

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