Fashion Island Lights Up

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Davion Peterson, 2, admires the lights on the 90-foot Christmas tree at Fashion Island's annual tree light event on Saturday. —All photos by Sara Hall

The holidays were kicked off over the weekend with the Annual Fashion Island Christmas Tree lighting event.

Mickey and friends traveled from Disneyland to the Newport Beach shopping center Friday for a special performance for the holiday event. Members of the Musical Theatre University in Laguna Beach entertained the crowd with song and dance numbers on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Festivities began at 6 p.m. and the 90-foot white fir was lit up, following a five-second countdown by the excited crowd, at about 6:30 p.m.

More than 20,000 lights brightened the courtyard as thousands of onlookers cheered and took photos.

The stage was set up at the base of the tree, adorned with oversized gold, silver and red ornaments, in the Neiman Marcus-Bloomingdale’s Courtyard.

The event also featured a special visit from Santa.

The tree, taken from a designated area near Mt. Shasta, will be recycled after the holidays.

Girls dance to Christmas tunes before the tree is lit.
Members of the Musical Theatre University in Laguna Beach dance for a crowd of thousands during the tree lighting event.
A girl sits on her dad's shoulders and enjoys a snack while watching the lights.
Kids pose for photos after the giant white fir lit up the courtyard.
A boy waits for posing instructions from parents and family at the Christmas tree lighting event on Saturday.
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