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(Re: “City Eyes Ban on Leaf Blowers,” NBI, 9/3:)

What happens to brooms? They used to use brooms and it worked fine.

Using a simple broom would confine the dust and waste to a more finite area and moreover, did not pollute the environment with hydro-carbonic waste and noxious fumes.

Please refrain from having your gardeners come on the weekends. Homeowners are trying to enjoy their yards after a long week and the noise and noxious odors from the gardeners are irritating.

They have five days a week they can work and lastly, American holidays should be OFF LIMITS.

Thank you,

Nancy McNaughton


There’s a touch of racism and inverted priorities in the city’s study of gardeners’ leaf blowers.

Clearly the problem of noise and particle pollution is from commercial jet airplanes and police helicopters. Don’t pick on the lowly leaf blower. Nobody wants to be a racist.

Donald Nyre


Please push for laws against leaf blowers.  Laguna Beach has such a law, as do  other cities.

They are destructive to the environment, in so many ways.

My gardeners only use them on the sidewalk in the front yard.  I would like it for them never to use them.

Raking, sweeping as well as other alternatives are fine.

Thank you for the article.

Marie Kontos



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