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Cable bills could fall as much as 13 percent if cable and satellite customers could choose the channels they want.

Why should we pay for what we would never use, such as Russia Today, The Golf Channel, Playboy, Cartoon Network?

And we want more control over what comes in our homes.

We are over-subscribed to pay for a host of channels we don’t even watch.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) will introduce legislation to get a la carte pricing.

Consumers Union praised McCain for “striking at the heart of the flawed pricing scheme.”

Dr. Patricia Frostholm


(Re: “Just Some Harmless Fun,” NBI, 8/27:)

Hooray, there is another intelligent responsible thinker in Orange County.  Thank you for saying “CityHall/Civic Center/Taj Mahal/White Elephant/Dog Park with an Espresso Stand” so thoughtfully and cleverly regarding the Newport Beach City Council’s irresponsible decision to proceed with the elephant.  They said it was the perfect time to proceed because they can get the job done for 20 to 30 percent less in these hard economic times.  Spending city money is easy in any economy.

Thanks for taking the time and energy to say what really needs to be said.

Lynn Lindsay


 (Re: “…After All These Years,” NBI, 8/27:)

In your article on longtime Newport restaurants you left out the place with the best burger in Newport Beach and most likely all of Orange County: Cassidy’s Bar and Grill.

Brian Kleber


I have been enjoying The List. My kids and I sat around the dinner table and made just such a list about a year ago.

We also made a list of businesses that we love, like Alden’s carpets and Mesa Auto Center.

One great restaurant was accidentally left off of your list of restaurants that are still in business.  That restaurant is Amelia’s on Balboa Island.

I love the Independent and share my copy with the Upper Newport Bay Interpretive Center staff every week. You have done a great job of covering events taking place there.


Andy Lingle


You guys forgot about Avila’s El Ranchito! They have been on the Peninsula since the ’70s and are still holding on really strong!

On another note, great local paper… I love reading it every Friday.

Bianca Avila


Here are two we think should be on your list!

1. The Chicken Coop

2. The Blue Beet

Dan & Nancy Harris

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