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I’m writing this letter on Memorial Day to honor those military veterans, abroad and at home, who have given so much to protect the civil liberties, rights and privileges of the citizens of this Nation State we call home.

Especially those who return home to their State, County and City, to find public employees working overtime to restrict or eliminate, by rules, regulations, taxes and fees, those same rights and privileges the veteran worked so hard to protect and preserve. Whither it’s a picnic table on private property or a summer on the bay on your private boat, or a passionate hobby, restrictions on private property use are growing, with no end in sight.

It’s a time when the public employees’ only service is ‘self service’ whose only goal is to create ‘busy work’ to justify their jobs. A time when the only purpose of the public employee is to create fines, fees and taxes to increase their own salary, benefits and retirement at the expense of the returning veteran.

Private boat use restricted to 72 hours per month. Shannon Levin – City of Newport Beach – 2010 .

The City of Newport Beach admits there are no studies or other basis for or to support such restrictive codes and regulations. Only some public employee contrived, self-serving cause to create more fines and fees. Just like the previous 72 Hour Rule, which restricted private boat use to the three days in a row.

“It is an inappropriate use in a residential neighborhood. …The city has tried to work with him to get the matter resolved, but he hasn’t resolved it, so we will take the next step to ‘protect the residents’ of the neighborhood.” 2011. Newport Beach City Attorney David Hunt.

Hunt is referring to Mr. Holland, who is restoring a classic sailboat in his backyard. At best this is a civil issue with a neighbor. The city has no legitimate interest in this instance of one’s hobby and use of private property. The city has failed to show actual harm. Translated, “protect the residents” means give us money or we will sue you to death. Then we will ride down from the hills and rob your grave.

Newport couple fights seven years to save cabana, picnic tables, on private property. Is the Coastal Commission protecting public beach or an “insidious threat” to private property rights? – 2008 – OC Register, LA Times Group, ABC Radio.

The Coastal Commission failed to show harm in any way. The city attorney did nothing to really protect it’s own citizens in this case. Not even a friend of the court brief for the McNees. No big fines that the city could collect equals no action. No concern. No nothing.

We, the veterans have to ask: tell us again, exactly what are we protecting and what am I to preserve. And, for who?

August Lightfoot

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