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I was a member of the Charter Commission for City of Newport Beach which came up with the recommendations that are now on the ballot as Measure V. Every time I see the poster “Vote No on V” because there are 15 charges in one vote, I get incredibly frustrated.

The position that one should vote “no” on Measure V just because of the number of the items is simplistic and ridiculous.

The charter changes are grouped together on the ballot, not as a preference of the commission, but as a cost saving measure to the city. In fact, the entire Measure V updates the charter that is over 50 years old and is designed to make the city more efficient and to save money or to comply with current law.

Each and every provision of Measure V was studied for weeks, if not months, by the Charter Commission and many of the items are very simple and resolve simple problems.

Measure V should be passed.

In my view, the Chamber of Commerce issue is a smoke screen by people who have an agenda or who are simply taking a simplistic position. No one has contacted me, one of the seven members, to find out what research we did, what we looked at, or why we came up with the recommendation we did.

I have a notebook full of information that I am more than willing to make available to anyone who is serious about this charter amendment. I challenge the vote-no people to meet with me and discuss the issues I worked so hard to correct.

Karen A. Rhyne


The Greenlight PAC advertisement which appeared in the Oct. 22 edition of the Newport Beach Independent is, sadly, full of mistruths:

(1) False Allegation: “Chamber of Commerce can use OUR Tax $$$ for Council Campaigns”

Truth: The Business And Community Political Action Committee (the Chamber’s PAC, known as “BACPAC”) receives its full funding from a separate voluntary “check off” for BACPAC appearing on the Chamber membership application.  Neither Chamber dues nor any funds received from the city are used for Council candidate endorsements. The Greenlight PAC advertisement is misleading and untruthful since no dollars which the Chamber may receive from the city will be used for Council candidate campaigns.

(2)  False Allegation:  “City Can Sell OUR beachfront property”

Truth:  Section 1402 of the Charter will be amended in Measure V to state that the city can sell waterfront or beach property but only with an affirmative vote of the electorate at a special or general election. This is a simple clean-up provision since, previously, the Charter had to be amended each time any waterfront or beach property was sold.  The Charter was previously amended six (6) times to allow for such sales.  It will be clear now that any such transfer requires the vote of the electorate.  The Greenlight PAC advertisement is false, misleading, and untruthful concerning Section 1402.

(3)  False Allegation:  “Unlimited City Contract & Lease Terms”

Truth:  Section 420 presently limits the City’s authority to enter into contracts for longer than 25 years without voter approval.  Yet, for example, California Government Code Section 37380 allows a lease of a city’s property for up to 55 years – and in some cases for up to 99 years.  Measure V simply allows the Newport Beach Municipal Code to establish restrictions on long-term contracts and leases without the artificial restraint in the Charter of 25 years, which is inconsistent with state law and modern long-term arrangements.  Here again, the Greenlight PAC advertisement is misleading and fails to accurately describe the reasons for the proposed change to Section 420 of the Charter.

Do not be swayed by the misleading and untruthful rhetoric of the Greenlight PAC advertisement.  Vote “Yes” on Measure V.

Paul Watkins


If you were using illegal aliens in your construction crews, you could build city halls for $25 million, too. Laguna Niguel claims to be a Rule of Law city. What about their contracts – do they require the contractors confirm that their workers are all here legally?

N. Job

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(Re: “Election Suggestions,” NBI, 10/8:)

A vote for Shana Jenkins in the Coast Community College District, Area 1 is also a vote against the unions. Vote for David Grant for Area 5, and Shana Jenkins in Area 1! They both would be an asset to that board.

Jeff R.

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