Letter to the Editor: False Statements in Duffy’s Letter

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I hardly know where to begin in addressing the false statements and insults contained in Duffy Duffield’s recent op-ed on Stu News. [Ed. note: Mayor Pro Tem Duffield also submitted the letter to the NB Indy]

First, the recall of Scott Peotter is organized by a broad base of local citizens, many of which have not supported former Councilmember Curry. While he has been a wealth of information regarding the irresponsible proposals of Peotter, he did not organize this effort and certainly does not lead it. In fact, he has not spoken publicly in the media about it to date and most importantly, this recall is NOT about Curry.

Second, the focus of the recall is not Scott’s political incorrectness, or his free speech, it is his utter failure to obey the law and to respect the Constitutional rights of the residents by trying to sabotage the right to petition the government on the massive Museum House project. Duffy didn’t mention any of these reasons because there is no defense. He shares the blame with Peotter.

Third, the City Clerk has estimated the cost of a special election at $300,000, not $500,000. Duffield and Peotter continue to repeat this lie and in doing so demonstrate their lack of integrity and the utter dishonesty of their campaign.

Fourth, the increases in pension formulas for police, fire and miscellaneous employees were put in place before Curry joined the council. Pension debt has actually increased $70 million since Duffield and Peotter took office. But I guess Duffy wants to ignore that.

It is a classic anti-recall technique to try to shift the focus away from the record of the person being recalled to others. Every time residents see attacks on Curry, Mike Toerge, Marilyn Brewer or others, we should realize it is just a pathetic effort by Peotter to shift the focus off his failed record.

Finally, let’s dispense with the fiction that Duffield and Peotter are just business people taking the time for public service. They were both elected by spending more than $900,000 in special interest money to trash the existing council and attack our city.  Their only success to date has been to provide special interest benefits to their donors.  It’s time to take our city back, and not a day too soon.

 Lynn Swain

Committee to Recall Scott Peotter

Newport Beach

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