Letter to the Editor: Koll Project Needs Community Input

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After attending the October 30th presentation by the developer of the Koll Center Residential project, I came away thinking about how much we need to accomplish in the upcoming General Plan Update. 

The Koll Center project is planned to be three high-rise towers, overwhelming and looming over the next door businesses, and made up of luxury condos from 1,800 to 3,000 square feet and costing roughly $2 million or more each. 

Our General Plan, which we voted for in 2006, called for up to 2,200 residential “units” to be located in the airport area. 

What it didn’t say was how big those units would be or how much they would cost or who those units would serve.  There seems to be a giant disconnect between what developers would like to build and what the residents, businesses, and workers of the city really need. 

Let’s ask the City Council to make it right by having this project discussed in the context of the whole General Plan. The timing is perfect. The need is obvious.

 Andrea Lingle

Newport Beach

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