Letter to the Editor: Peotter is Part of the Problem

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As America reacts with disgust at the sexual harassment and assault record of Harvey Weinstein, the California Legislature, Fox News, and other political and media leaders, I have become exceedingly angry that our own City Council Member, Scott Peotter, was the only member of the city council to vote against the city’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (September 13, 2016). 

What was he thinking? 

In light of the revelations of how wide spread sexual harassment and outright assault is in our nation, his vote becomes even more indefensible.

Further, Peotter claims to have recently worked for an organization whose leader, Ralph Drollinger, “once counseled a group of Sacramento lawmakers that female politicians with young children had no business serving in the Legislature.  In fact, he called them sinners.”  (LA Times, August 3, 2017).  

Enough is enough for me, we need to eliminate the disrespect for women from our institutions and a good place to start is to support the recall of Scott Peotter. 

We owe it to our daughters.

 Shannon Green

Corona del Mar


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