Letter to the Editor: Peotter is a Property Rights Advocate

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Saying it often doesn’t make it true. 

Susan Skinner’s recent email diatribes calling for Scott Peotter’s recall are an exercise in fantasy. 

Skinner is a well-known obstructionist with a personal vendetta against Councilman Scott Peotter. Scott is a conservative Republican and property rights advocate, Skinner isn’t. 

When she doesn’t get her way she sues the city at great cost to taxpayers.

Skinner calls for Peotter’s recall because he stood up for private property rights in supporting the Museum House project. After a two-year planning process, the project was approved unanimously by the planning commission and by the city council on a 6-1 vote.

Skinner claims the Line in the Sand PAC raises its money “mostly in small amount from many people who support its goals.”

Not the case. 

Public records filed under the penalty of perjury confirm that Skinner has a PAC of her own, Newport 1st. 

Newport 1st received $47,500 on December 16, 2016 from an anonymous donor funneling money through Citizens Against Urban High Rise Towers, a non-profit organization that doesn’t report donor names as required for PACs.

On the same day, Skinner transferred $46,506 from her PAC, “Newport 1st” to Line in the Sand PAC.

In some circles this is called laundering political donations. 

Why should taxpayers write a $500,000 check for Susan Skinner’s political vendetta?

Why doesn’t she just run against Peotter in 2018 and save taxpayers the money?

 Bob McCaffrey

Volunteer Chairman, Residents for Reform

Balboa Island


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