Letter to the Editor: Taking a Step Back on Mariners’ Mile

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On behalf of the Coalition to Protect Mariners’ Mile, we would like to personally thank the Planning Commissioners and the dedicated staff for their efforts to take a step-back and reevaluate the Mariners’ Mile Revitalization Plan.

Moving forward, we need to look at all the plans in their entirety along Mariner’s Mile to make certain that they are compatible, and most importantly, responsible developments.

Unfortunately, the efforts to continue to widen Pacific Coast Highway, in our opinion, is the number one obstacle that will continue to impede the progress regarding future projects, as a family friendly village and tourist destination is in direct conflict with a six-lane highway. It simply defeats the purpose of the re-development.

The expansion of PCH would also eradicate an enormous amount of private property along Mariners’ Mile. The City would be in litigation for years to come, at the taxpayer’s expense.

We have almost 2,000 people that include the property owners, local merchants and residents in the surrounding areas that have opposed this Revitalization Plan in its current state, as well as the expansion of PCH.

In closing, there is a phenomenon called failure and imagination. These two can be crucial to success. While failure can help you understand where your true passion lies, and where you should focus your energy moving forward, imagination is what will allow you to empathize with other people, so you can use your influence to do good. 

Together, we need a vision and the power to imagine better for Mariners’ Mile.

 Peggy V. Palmer

The Coalition to Protect Mariners’ Mile

Newport Beach

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