Letter to the Editor: City Council Candidate Ethics

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In 2016, a political action committee called Line In The Sand spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting a slate of candidates that included Phil Greer and Jeff Herdman for Newport Beach City Council.

At the time, Greer and Herdman had three FPPC convictions between the two of them and Greer was facing a multi-million dollar fraud claim and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax liens.

Greer would ultimately be convicted by a jury on fraud and ordered to pay $10,000,000.  He’s currently in bankruptcy and is being sued for fraud by the bankruptcy trustee.

Despite the FPPC violations and pending fraud claim, Line In The Sand sent out mailers saying “We say our town needs Phil Greer and Jeff Herdman on its side.” Really?

Now, Line In The Sand is supporting Joy Brenner, Roy Englebrecht, and Tim Stoaks for City Council this Fall, which Brenner, Englebrecht, and Stoaks tout on their websites. Stoaks was, in fact, a spokesman for Line In The Sand when it endorsed Greer and Herdman. That says all we need to know about the ethics of these candidates.


Therese Loutherback

Corona Del Mar

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