Letter to the Editor: Concern About Council Candidate

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Newport Beach residents should be very concerned about what is going on in the upcoming city council election.

Significant special interest contributions are flowing into the campaign of Noah Blom (aka Noah von Blom) in order to oust independent council member Jeff Herdman. This is designed to ensure a majority in place as the city considers the general plan revision and other significant development issues.

You may not know Blom. In eleven years on the city council, I have no memory of having ever met him or having heard from him on any issue.

Records show he failed to even vote in twelve elections since 2002 so we can say he is not exactly civic minded (Source: Political Data Inc & Orange County Registrar of Voters).

Public service demands certain minimum standards of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.

Mr. Blom has filed personal bankruptcy (Court CAC- Case # 0812584). A court issued a bench warrant and contempt citation for nonpayment of child support (OC Superior Court #12FL103065).

Prior to the pandemic, a court ordered him to pay to his restaurant vendors nearly $60,000 he had cheated them out of (Wine Warehouse v Arc Restaurant OC Superior Court #30-2017-00918270; Green Farms v Noah Blom OC Superior Court #30-2016-00869763).

Is this the kind of fiscal leadership we want on the city council with a more than $300 million budget?

During the COVID pandemic, city health officers in Costa Mesa cited him and shut down his restaurant for multiple and flagrant public safety violations (CMPD incident #20-76047, 2020-085284, 041264, and others).

Is this the kind of example we need on council to keep our city safe?

When you look at his actual record, contrary to his campaign ads, he is not an involved civic leader, a successful businessman or a leader in responding to the pandemic.

What he is, is a candidate beholden to a small group of donors with very specific agendas at city hall.

In contrast, Jeff Herdman is a man of integrity, who works hard every day to improve the quality of life in Newport Beach and in particular, to reduce the impacts of the airport on our neighborhoods. He is an independent voice on the city council, not a rubber stamp.

If you are concerned about the future of our city, join with me, former Mayors Nancy Gardner, Rush Hill, Mike Henn, Ed Selich, Evelyn Hart, Diane Dixon, John Heffernan and Don Webb.  Former Mayor Pro Tems Jean Watt and Tony Petros, Senator John Moorlach and a bi partisan group of civic leaders and vote with us for Jeff Herdman.

Keith Curry, former Newport Beach Mayor

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